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August 09, 2007


tracy johnson

I just have to comment because we just got back last week from my kids first trip to Disney World and are still on cloud nine!! It IS magical for us parents, too. My just-turned five yr old was in absolute heaven on earth. She was excited about everything big and small. It was all real to her and the princsses just made it awesome. They were so kind and gracious to her and each child. My 13 yr old enjoyed harself, too.

I thought I had taken a lot of photos but back home I realized it was not enough! (wink,wink) We may be getting that Photopass cd Disney offers. I LOVE this night pic of THE castle. I didn't take any good night photos b/c I just took my small digital. Wanna share? ;) We so enjoyed the parade & firework show. One of the highlights was Tink flying before the show.

It was a great time and I can't wait to get my phots printed so we can live those memories again.

Look forward to viewing your album. I love your artistic eye. I just found your blog about a month ago but remember you from 2 Peas and bought your actions for the Katrina relief fundraiser you did.

Have a good weekend.


You make such wonderful photographs. I can really see the emotion and just love checking in on your blog and hearing how you are doing. Keep it up :)


fantastic photos, amber! love the expression on your daughter's face in the first one! :) priceless.


love the disney photos!

Also, the bday invitaions..SO SO cute! I WISH I could be that creative. Alison's First bday is coming up in November but I'm already thinking about it, and invites to make. You should have a little side business Amber..I would pay you!Any way you would be willing to make invites for me??

Also, you have been Tagged!!!
Visit my photo blog.


What a fun trip! Also love the invites - you're the creativity queen! :) Hope everything is going well for you, and I love the post of your little guy's first day of kindergarten - it would definitely be bittersweet for me too. He'll do great!


Have just discovered your site... very interesting... I am a very amateur, wanna be good photographer... I just LOVE to take photos... anyway, you gotta love Disney... glad you had a nice time. Take care...

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