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June 01, 2007



Hey Amber, Sounds like life has been very busy - but filled with lovely times and special events! Thanks for sharing your photos..we all look forward to more from you. :)


glad to see you back Amber! I don't know how you fit it all in!


So glad to hear you have a Flickr account!! Looking forward to seeing you there ;-)


I'm still here and I'm glad your back. Sorry you've been so busy, but it sounds like it's been good busy. We're getting ready to move later this month so I've got the not fun busy going on here. Look forward to more photos.


HI!!! I miss you!! I did--love your blog, but know how things get. Hang in there. I think I might dive into your class in June....I just found the pictures of you and me after we finished our photo session back in 2005. That was a great day--you were so fun to work with makes me confident that it would a great class! Glad your back:)


Hi Amber

I constantly check in with you. I KNOW how busy you are. Glad to hear from you. Enjoy yourself. Life's too short.


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