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March 15, 2007



...hoping that my name and address are on one of those..'need to go to the post office' items!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that would soooooooooo make me happy amber..hehehe!!!


can't wait to see what the postman will be bringing!

somehow as parents we seem to juggle everything we need to in a short period of time. i am one of those that do better when i am doing more at once too amber!

Amber Ludlow

Ugh-huh, wouldn't you like to know?!!? I'll never tell!! :) :)


How is it that you can even make clutter look photogenic. That is some talent!!


I was thinking the same thing...how do you manage to turn piles on your desk into amazing photos?!?! I'm hoping my name is on one of those "to be mailed" envelopes, too. :)


I hear you Amber! I feel like I run so fast each day but never really get anywhere because the same tasks lie ahead each day. But then like a breath of fresh air, something different happens and breaks the monotony and all I can do is smile at this thing called my life.

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