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March 20, 2007



Gorgeous shot Amber - Can I ask what lense did you use?

Amber Ludlow

Thank you, Lanne! It was the nifty fifty, a.k.a 50mm 1.8! :)


Jen Lee

aw..what a great shot..I love ladybugs!! And this photo speaks to me ..captures "childhood" in my eyes..lovely!



Great photo....and great capture! I hope the feeling of being overwhelmed goes away soon. I truly hate when I feel that way, so I completely understand. Take some time for yourself...you deserve it! :)


I love the ladybug shot!!!

We got a container of them at the garden center not too long ago
to let go in our garden. It is a little creepy with that many lady bugs, but it made for some fun pictures.

Can't wait until next Mon. when the class starts Amber!
Counting down the days! ; )



My little boy loves lady bugs. He has named them all Betsy. He keeps them as his little pets until he over handles them then he throws them into the bushes and tells me they need to find their family. Your picture inspired me to get a picture of Ben with a Betsy.



I love this shot! We don't see many ladybugs in suburban Frisco, TX.:( I just received my 50 mm 1.8 and LOVE IT! Thanks for the heads up!

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