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March 18, 2007



I have never seen such a cool looking parking meter... WAY TO GO. And the comment about capturing moments in our hearts just really hit home to me. THANK YOU.


Love the side view mirror photo. Very creative. I agree with you about relaxing and enjoying the moment, some experiences aren't as sweet if I'm trying to get the perfect pictures.


Love the mirror photo - very fun! I love your comment about leaving the camera at home and capturing moments with our hearts. I really need to start doing that more! :)

Mommy Jen

GREAT photos! Love the contrast. I also agree about savoring some moments instead of photographing them. I can't wait to take your class!! :-)


I have felt the same way a number of times..but..never have I been able to verbalize it as eloquently and 'heart-felty' as that. (i just make words up sometimes...hehe:p...) Love the pics you did get Amber. Thanks!
p.s. I just keep checkig the mail...hint hint!

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