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February 16, 2007



Amber...I feel the same about this little community of ours. I feel like I have made friends that are just amazing...like you! I feel blessed for having faith in myself and starting my photog biz. I am doing a wedding this summer...somthing I swore I would NEVER do. I am excited about it and feel like it will be another leap of faith and a life altering experience. Have a great weekend. Love the 'Jackson' post....beautiful!
PS> move to Texas...specifically San Antonio...it's pretty much always hot here..!

melissa deakin

you are such an inspiration to me, amber!
i loved what you wrote about your son...so beautiful.
i hope you have a wonderful weekend and please let me know what printer you buy...i am forever having printer issues and i need to actually get one that will work for a while and produce quality schtuff! LOL!


I had tears in my eyes reading your beautiful words about Jackson. If you dont object (if you do..email me!) I would love to borrow them for a layout for him. My words haven't been flowing well lately and I would so like to capture this for him!

Sheye and her family are also in my thoughts. I released some balloons the other day and whilst they floated my heart sank. Their grief is unimaginable.

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