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February 21, 2007


Tina Parker

That's awesome Amber!!!!
I love the cover and want to see more- you need to show us what you did inside ;)


Very cute. I like it. I really wish I could find the time and inspiration to do a little project for myself :o)


What a fun little project! Thanks for the inspiration. What printer do you use?


Very awesome! I agree with Tina...want to see more!

Amber Ludlow

Thank you! It was fun just to sit and play! Not like I have anything else to be doing... ;)

I will try to take some pictures of the inside later today, nothing fancy just pictures of everday life.

Amber Ludlow

Opps..Forgot the printer information.

It is a Epson Stylus CX6000..again nothing fancy! :)


Epson makes great printers. I have the R320 and I love it. Did you print the pics straight onto the cardstock or photo paper and then adhere to cardstock? Again...very cute Amber!

Jen Lee

Amber, you are so creative!! I LOVE this! Is this a photo gift? Did you print straight onto cardstock ?
I want to make one ! Your creativity and style always blow me away!

jen Lee

Amber Ludlow

Jen- Thank you!!

I just printed the photos straight on to the cardstock. I used a heavier cardstock (110lb.) That is what I use for all of my cards ect. I didn't make it for a gift, I just made it for myself! :) But it would make a great gift! I think I will make one for my mother-in-law/father-in-law they are on vacation this week and we are dog sitting their golden Miss Ruby. That would be fun, huh?! :)


melissa deakin

so cool, amber.
love it!
need to see the inside photos.


Very cool idea! I'm with everyone else...I need a peek into the inside! :)


Very cool idea... looks great

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