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January 25, 2007


melissa deakin

hi amber.
i have tears in my eyes because
i feel the same too.
i have a wonderful husband who puts up with all my crazy antics and accepts it all.
i will share this with him.
honesty is good.


Beautifully put. Great capture. Great post! Thank You girl!


Oh I see hear you. I could happily ring my husbands neck..LOL.

seriously tho... This week.. in the middle of work, a business, his work, an online store, starting another project... we were trying to buy a house. It was kinda busy..LOL. I sent him an email.. and said. Do you really want to buy a house. He said.. not if you dont. :) Love that. No drama..no fuss..just.. lets not. So we cancelled brokers. We breathed..and .. moved on to leasing a store front. haha (well hey it was quite for 4 seconds). But... he was so supportive of my re-evaluated goals. Gotta love marriage.. at least some of the time! :) GREAT photo.. a true keeper!

Claudine Jackson

I know what you mean. I thank God everyday that he brought my husband into my life. I am so lucky to have him and sometimes feel he got the short end of the proverbial stick! I am truly blessed to be this man's wife:)

Teresa Reed

Thanks for posting and being so honest....sometimes we do have to stop and really think about what is important. We can't do it all even we would love to!


wow, you put it all perfectly. Thank you for being human too :)


well said!


Standing up applauding........I will be forwarding this to my hubby. I like that your husband doesn't try to "fix" the problem......he just supports you and feels in where you need assistance........snaps for him and AWESOME picture of him and your daughter!!!

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