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December 08, 2006


tara pollard pakosta

yes i have a video camera! i have 14 hours worth of video of my girls from the last 7 years. and i can't imagine NOT having it. i can relive those moments when we all watch it together. it's hard to believe how much i had forgotten their voices, the way they first start out walking falling down. clothes they wore. habits they had etc. it's a great thing to have. i highly recommend one. the digital ones are all the rave now. though mine is 8 years old so it's not up to date. i so need a new one!!! i am embarrassed to even use it LOL!
but you definately NEED ONE! although photos can bring back alot they can't bring back their sweet voices, cries etc. it's just so sweet to watch them!


We just got a video camera a few months back, and although I wasn't sure we'd use it all that much, we have several hours of video already of our little one. Highly recommend it! Thanks for always sharing inspirational words with us; I just love the Christmas season and all the positive emotions it brings to focus on all the things that matter most. I also feel similarly about the photography side of things; I never thought my dream would come to fruition, but I finally launched my business a few months ago and I'm loving every minute of it!!! I feel blessed too, and it's always nice to have people like you to inspire me. Thanks. God Bless!


By the way, that photo of you is beautiful...might have to try a self portrait with my camera sometime! :)


YAY for all your good news :)

We have a video camera. I find it is a bit of a task to get the video off the camera. I would be keener on one of the ones that write to DVD. My day job requires me to investigate new technologies for education. I have discovered that hard drive recorders shut down when they think they are being dropped (sudden moves) to save the hard drive, but you lose the data. Worth asking questions about this when buying. Our home one has mini DV tapes and i need to buy more until we have a solution for taking the info off it.


I am thinking of getting my husband one of those video cameras withthe mini DVDs/CDs. Which one, I am still searching for the best price and quality.


No video camera advice here. Ours is 9 years old and we hardly ever use it.

I'm so glad that your photography business is doing so well and looking even brighter for 2007! I am just starting mine. Any advice or tips you can give to those of us just starting out?? I need all the help I can get.

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