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December 29, 2006


amy j.

Exposure, exposure, EXPOSURE!!! And of course your wow conversions. I'd love some before and after samples of shots of yours to see exactly where you add the "umpf". Seriously, low light and blur are a huge prob for all of us digi photographers. So any tips you've picked up would be great. I'd love assignments from you as well, either to try and capture a certain shot you've taken yourself, ie give us a sample of one of your pics and see what we can do at recreating it ourselves. Or just general assignments. I thought you could add a photo album to this blog perhaps to share the shots. Just some ideas. I already have your conversion technique...bought it when you sold for Katrina victims. But somehow you always seem to use it better than I do, lol.


I'm interested in one of your on-line classes. Can I be counted in also? What do I need to do? Happy New Year to you!


Man I would love a class with you....!!!!


Lookig forward to the opportunity to be part of an online class. I am always so impressed with your post processing. I love the light and tones you get.. I think this is possibly just your part of the world. The light is so different here. I have your Black and White post processing and it has inspired my own secret lil action which adds some browns.. but I still dont get your colour. :)

tori faulkner

I think I would love to know more about exposure and what mode is the best to shoot. I have not figured out manual yet..or custom white balance..I hope that I can be appart of the online classes..I am so glad you are posting more..I love to see your stuff..You didnt know you were so interesting huh? ;)..I wanna see your house..you posted a few holiday decorations..and I am curious what the rest of your home looks like!!!! :)


I have the hardest time shooting in low light situations. I would love to learn about that. I would love to shoot inside my house more but I need to learn how to make the best out of the light that I have. I am so excited that you are willing to do this!!

Kate Bogot

I would love to take your class and would be thrilled with any of the knowledge you wish to share with us! Looking forward to it! Happy New Year!

Shannon Taylor

So incredibly happy you are posting photos again! They look WONDERFUL! Glad you had a wonderful Christmas! Keep posting! ;0)


Exposure, working with Low Light (ugh), workflow, Everything!

tara pollard pakosta

awww sweet capture!
my dd is so sad when she
watches bambi that she has tears streaming down
her face and would NEVER watch it again!!!
she is a sensitive soul. she cries on every movie that i cry on!


i'd love to learn more about exposure and of course your conversions - especially b&w. i'd also love to just get tips and feedback on capturing the awesome everyday moments you seem to capture in your photos (like the Bambi photos!). i can't wait to hear more about the class.


Exposure for sure, your light is incredible-I am starting to think I need to move to get your kind of light-understanding exposure (the book) helped some but my results are still lack luster. Nice treat to see you back posting-Bambi always get me "right there"-hope the disc can stand more wear!


you always manage to do amazing things with tricky lighting... you're a genius!

Julie C Butler

Amber - I just love love love this storyboard ..
I want one too ..
You are so creative!!!
I just love your ideas!!
You are a true inspiration!!

Take Care, Julie

Rachel Zana Mason

Like others have mentioned, I'd be interested in lighting, exposure, conversions, workflow and especially color, but most of all I'm interested to know your thoughts on style and perspective. There is something about your photographs that just twinkle with thoughtfulness.

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