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December 21, 2006



I'd definitely be interested to hear more and would enjoy getting feedback from and learning from others, including yourself. Please keep me updated on your plans! :)


I think that is a wonderful idea....you have so much to give that I know that a bunch of people would jump on the opportunity to work with you! =)

LOVE the photo...that is sooo cool!

You and your loved ones have a GREAT holiday season....and stay warm too! =)


Amber, I have been a big fan of your photography for awhile and would be very interested in learning form the BEST!!! Merry Christmas!

Rachel Zana Mason

I'd LOVE to participate! I've been lurking at your photographs for two years (maybe more).


I emailed you...but I'm definitely interested in participating! Please keep me posted.

PS I had to share that photo with my 9 year old son. He's 100% boy and thought the photo was "awesome"! :)

amy j.

I didn't email, but will. I'd be interested to. I think you'll get way more than three or four people interested, lol!


What a great opportunity.

Have a wonderful Christmas Amber. :)

Tina Parker

Merry Christmas Amber!!
I hope you and yours have a wonderful Holiday!! Hope your DH gets better soon.

Don't worry about the cards, as I am sure we all understand life gets busy and people get sick, take care of that wonderful man of yours!

Love the photo, it's amaizing!!



ohhh Amber-if you take the time and effort to do class I would sooo be interested-I'll EM ya. I will make the time to participate!


I am interested in more information for sure!

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